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Practice Management Leadership Forum
September 16 - 17, 2016

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The PRS corporate mission is to aggregate and disseminate up-to-the-minute, precise medical coding information and error-free claims processing instruction to maximize physician reimbursement dollars.

In 1989, M. Ray Painter, M.D., and Mark N. Painter founded Physician Reimbursement Systems (PRS), in response to the escalating demands of public and private health insurance programs and policies. A practicing Urologist at the time, Dr. Painter recognized the need for physicians to have access to accurate, up-to-date payer information in order to maximize payment for medical services rendered.

PRS’s goal was to provide timely medical reimbursement data to physicians. This led to the development of a proprietary database that now enables PRS to collect, review, interpret and disseminate coding and reimbursement information directly to the physician.

Additional Resources

A service developed exclusively for Urologists. This service provides Urologists with with practical information on coding, billing, and practice management issues. [Link]


Be sure to review the Medicare Program; Part B Drug Payment Model Proposed Change here and see how it would impact your practice. If it is unfavorable and you think it is a bad idea, contact your society and CMS and let them know your input. We will keep you posted as we learn more.

ACS lobbying efforts have expanded the potential for Eligible Providers (EP) to file for Meaningful Use 2 hardship exceptions. Applications for the hardship exception will be available early this year. The CMS website will provide details on how providers who are unable to meet Stage 2 requirements may apply for a hardship exception. For more information, e-mail